Yeah. Scroll down to the Wednesday the 19th entry on this page. Read it. Now read this story.

It's both eerie and incredibly frustrating when the Other Side takes the words right out of your mouth and says, "Okay, that sounds like a good idea." At least we know that they're working on a real long-term solution now. It'll be interesting to stick around and see what kind of treatment American oil companies get when our military government starts the pumps in Iraq.

And when I rule the world, I will have a new button installed on everyone's remote control that will mute the shitty background music that television producers insist on pumping into what are supposed to be narratives. I would like ABC's "Profiles from the Front Line" if it didn't have so much gawd-awful fake symphonic noise. Do these people think that the story itself isn't riveting enough? I could barely hear the Flight Deck chief on the Kennedy for the synthetic blabbering of dramatic instruments. I always end up feeling frustrated and manipulated, and I don't think that's what they were shooting for.

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