Indeed. I purchased the latest from one Hunter S. Thompson a few days ago, and his writing always has an effect on my own. And while I firmly believe everything I've said about Lemurs, I do so mainly because it amuses me. I do not have any current plans for placing electro-shock fencing over all the windows in the house and installing armed guards to keep the Beast away from me. That would be a bit much.

But perhaps a friendly warning sign...

I used to get Deja Vu so bad it made me physically ill, as though my temporal existance was literally being displaced in the space-time continuum. It's less frequent now, and you could put it down to any number of things: pre-cognition, past lives, mind-controlling Fairy Princesses. My own feeling is that it's a dire warning to avoid becoming too settled, too familiar with your life the way it is, because if there are no more surprises then there's no point to living.

And yes, this "life" thing seems to be going quite swimmingly for the time being. Recall, however, the nature of Fate (okay, this is the last time) and how it works both ways. All things, even the universe itself, oscillate between the darkness and the light. Time will see to the end of the universe, but for now, we get to play around a bit.

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