In yet another act of dastardly consumption, I purchased Zwan's Mary Star of the Sea two days ago. "Honestly," the radio single, is quite catchy, and there's a lot of other good stuff as well. It comes with a DVD too, but I'll have to wait until my SuperDrive-equipped PowerBook Pallas arrives to actually check it out. Heh, I've owned DVDs for about two years now, and I'm just getting my first player. That's called planning ahead. Or just being stupidly optimistic.

Also, mad props go out to today for being good. My short oration in Speech Class was quite well recieved, and I had coffee with a girl whom I will now be having dinner with on Thurs. Not even a hideous quiz in Constitutional Law class could ruin that one. Fate will conspire, no doubt, to ruin this latest chance at love, as Fate has in the past. But for this precise instant today is good.

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