Holy Hell

I've discovered the AZN. The Asian Something Network on our digital cable package. There was just a commercial for the Circus Circus in Las Vegas, and it's the kind of thing that could only work in countries that are not this one. Or at least, on people that have not read H. S. Thompson, and who do not know the true story of that hideous pig hideaway.

This network is something else, though. It's like someone took all the surface duds of American pop culture, changed the names and the basic facial bone structures, and spun it back out in a subdued MTV format. There's a short film on called That Mischevious Ravi. The family store is called 7-Food. All the commercials on the network are American except for the all Asian cast. Even the fracking car commercials. Ford is releasing cars in other markets that they're not releasing here! Jeebus!

What's it been, like a month? And this is what inspires me to write?