All's well that ends... I suppose.

Despite my occasional complicity, I had to smile. The speculation has finally led to some decent digging by a sort of freelance script kiddie investigation squad, and the fact that the site is no longer hosted on blogger makes it pretty official. No experience is wasted so long as you learn from it, however, and I have indeed learned a very excellent lesson.

And now, to litter the ground with the corpses of my enemies...


Yes. I entered an essay into the 2020 Democrats contest to speak at the Opposition nomination convention. The list of finalists, to be honest, isn't very impressive. I wrote mine in a rush a day after the deadline had passed, and I won't pretend it was anything super-special, but there's little inspiration in the essays that did make it. And it might sound like I'm trying to rationalise the fact that I wasn't chosen, but I'm really not sure I want to be a registered Dem anymore. If there's one thing I could point to that's destroying our democracy, it would be stupidity, but the second thing would be our current party system. Pigeonholing ourselves seems to be a human trait, but being able to choose only one side or the other means that you're automatically a warrior/partisan for that group, lending your time and money to the cause of Us Verses Them, which in the end benefits no one.

So here we go. As soon as I get around to it, I'm going Independent.


Well, great. As though my contrariness wasn't well-enough established, reading over this description of the personality types, there's a few lines from each that fit me perfectly. It seems as though I just wasn't built to fit into one particular archetype.

Which is just fine.


It rains...

Strangely silent on the rantage of late, although I am thoroughly sick of the Reagan pageantry. How many funerals does one man truly need? Of course, I think it's pretty arrogant of us to be putting people in great boxes and taking up 3x6 feet of land for a corpse that has no hope of being resurrected.

And, if you get a chance, my 300 word turd on the future of American politics is up at the 2020 Democrats site, we'll see if I have a future of speechifying ahead of me. Eh?