Let it be clearly understood that life does indeed consist at least partly of immense suckage. However, the sight of "President" Bush, digitally reconfigured by the enemy to look like a Ferengi and used as a graphic on Iraqi television, should at least give us hope that whatever entity is running the show, be it God or Bob or simple Chaos, it does like to brighten things up occasionally.

Of course, the Evil Fate Lemur sabotaged Tak's personal espresso maker so that an in-class demonstration on How To Make A Proper Latte turned into a vaguely embarassing ramble about how you should never center your entire speech around one particular mechanical device, especially one with a history of misbehaviour.

What impresses me is that that was all one sentence. I know I've written a longer one somewhere, but I'd have to dig through the archives, and right now all I want to do is collapse with "Paranoid Android" skimming through my semi-conscious brain.

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