Don't know why I haven't written lately, the inspiration comes and goes, I suppose. I actually wrote a poem about that once a long long time ago, but I won't subject you to it. Although "you" consists of perhaps two people, myself included.

Vacation looms once again. This time, an elder cousin marries somewhere along the south-eastern coast, and though this union may be happy I can think of only one thing; soon I shall be with the Ocean. And not even necessarily swimming in it 24-7, because I have no desire to be stung in the bum by Fish of Jelly. Several historical ship visits shall be made, and much sea kayaking will take place. My goal has always been to circumnavigate the island we stay on, but I planned to be in much better shape by this point in the summer. That I am not is due 100% to my illness, or more accurately, the medication I've been taking to control it. Apparently, several years spent ingesting a corticalsteroid can have side-effects, such as bone density loss and a malfunctioning adrenal gland, not to mention an immune system which hasn't functioned properly in a long while. Ah well, whine whine whine.

Soon also I shall be ending my time on the Submarine, seeing as my courseload next semester at Anytown U. will consist of more credits than I can count on all my fingers and toes. It's true! Ick.

Today I begin Stephenson's Quicksilver which came highly recommended by Wonko. Even if it weren't, I would have picked it up eventually because everything the man writes turns to Midas Gold.

If you can, listen to Bill Clinton's archived DNC speech at theDemocrats 2004 website. Compare it to any speech of Shrub's. Any one. Can you understand why people seem to pine for the good old days of the mid-90's?