Germany, France, Belgium: The Axis of Impotence. Thanks John Stewart, I like that one. Although the arguments are not as simple as they may seem, France is essentially afraid of the consequences of our forthcoming invasion. For one, they're a hell of a lot closer to the action than we are. Two, their own oil interests would be terribly disrupted, which will impact the whole of the European economy in ways that no one can predict. What saddens me is that this entire situation is happening for the wrong reasons. I support the war and believe it is necessary, but the Crown Loyalists aren't motivated by anything as pure and saintly as Concern for the Common Man. The French are perfectly justified in their opposition to war, as is any sane Human Being, but it comes off as snobbish obstructionism for it's own sake. Americans as a people may be well liked, but the current Government is making itself dangerously unpopular with the rest of the world.

Vote them out of office in 2004.

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