What a monsterous peice of work. I just finished reading Kingdom of Fear, but the work I refer to is not Thompson's book. Rather, it's his life, and the fact that a man like that could live freely in this land we call America because he understood the fundamental principles at work here, namely the idea that any idiot lucky enough to be born on the right side of the border ought to be guaranteed a peice of the Freedom Pie. Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, whatever that means to you. Thompson claims that Doom has finally swept down from it's perch to cast our world into eternal shadow, and that the Forces of Evil won their greatest victory, turned the tide a-la Midway, on November 7 in the most foul year of 2000. It's hard not to believe him.

My damned generation will be the one to deal with the havoc Bush and his cabal have and will wreak, not just on our country's physical infrastructure but on it's very soul. The Battle for the American Dream is still being fought, although there is evidence to suggest that it's continuation is mere formality at this point. But just by thinking, by using your brain you too can join the fight, and if enough of us fight back we can beat these greed heads. Not at their own game, for they've had far too long to polish their technique, and as poor Ralph Nader demonstrated for us, any jumped-up punk who even looks threatening will be beaten mercilessly by the Machine. They will tear great strips from your hide and roast your organs, pouring out libations to the gods of Commerce and Power while they tell your family how nice it was to work with you.

The Pot Stirrers, the Agitators of the Pundit Press, can and should be roundly ignored. Simple rage can drive a man to act, but if his brain is full of stupid lies he will run smack into the wall of Professional spinsters and lobbyists that are paid to guard the reigns of power. What is more dangerous than ever now is knowledge, not just facts and figures but true understanding of the hideous realities that surround us. That must be the aim of all thinking people if we wish to combat the madness of humanity in the next hundred years.

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