This Mad Cow scare is an interesting peice. The way modern agribusiness is run, there were one thousand opportunities per second for the BSE virus to spread throughout the population of cattle that our poor infected Bessie was found in. They live in pools of their own shit and eat liquified leftovers from other slaughter operations and get antibiotics pumped into their bloodstreams hourly. There's nothing healthy or natural about how these beasts are raised, in particular the close quarters they live in. So no, if one is infected, it's a more than fair bet that a whole mess of 'em are too. And if that's true, and this enciphelopathy can spread to humans, then McDonald's is in a mess of trouble. Although there seems to be some debate as to whether their "burgers" actually contain beef...

Aisling and I sojurned to Colorado for a few days before Christmas, and the experience was also interesting. CO no longer feels like home, although it always will be. Going places and doing things changes you, and that's why the people I know who stayed behind seem so much younger than I am. It doesn't help that I'm older than dirt to begin with, but still. The whole Navy angle really has people flabbergasted, too. No one can figure out why I decided to sign up, which means it was the perfect choice.

"Throw away your television, salivate to repetition, obliviate this ill condition now..."


The final test for Calculus assumed the form of a ravenous, oh, let's say wolverine, devouring everything in it's blasted path. My QPA, which would have been a very lovely 3.something, now flames in ruins below the minimum 2.5 required by my ROTC unit. An "F" in calc is also unacceptable for scholarship applicants, which means that yours truly will be paying for all of his education instead of part of it. That's okay - I'm going to school so I can be in the Navy, not the other way around. But the math department of U. of A. will be recieving a vicious letter indicting the incompetentcy of this "teacher".

Shit, have I really been doing this blog for more than a year now? What have I accomplished? What's been changed about this world that would otherwise have remained the same without my anonymous online presense? The answers, I think, are "yes" and "not a whole hell of a lot." But I'm content with that. May you and yours have a happy time, and remember, "Reject the basic assumptions of civilisation, especially the importance of material posessions."


Sweet Jeebus. "Killographic?" Killographic? How old are these people, twelve? That word is roughly on par with bootylicious and schnizzle, which I swore never to use in a sentence. How are these dipshits allowed to work anywhere? Their water should be reclaimed for the good of the tribe.

ExposĂȘ alone has made Panther worth it, although being a student of the U. of A. I was provided my upgrade free of charge. Now I never quit an application or close a window if there's a chance I'll need it again sometime. If I'm sick of the clutter, I hit F12 and everything scoots to the border, which on Pallas' 17 screen leaves more than enough room to accomplish anything. When I wish to view some other project I hit F11 and a mosaic of windows presents itself to me, I select the one I desire and everything else falls away behind it. And she is faster, now. I can feel it, as the processor gives off just enough heat to remind me of sitting next to a fireplace on this cold December day. It almost makes me forget that the vicious Fates have scheduled my two most difficult finals back-to-back beginning tomorrow morning at 0800 sharp.


God Damn It. I really don't want to vote for Howard Dean. General Wes has tripped a few times, but expecting perfection from any human being is folly. He is the best in the field, and actually represents something I want to vote for. All Howard Dean has to offer is something to vote against - George W. That's all well and good for getting people riled up, but how long can raw anger sustain itself? Eventually it must be replaced with ideas and leadership, and Dean has not displayed the depth of character that indicates he has either of those.

Al Gore, you disappoint me.


I really just wanted a more permanent place for this Daily Zen quote to live. I don't like random text files hanging out on my hard drive.

"I have just three things to teach:
Simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and in thoughts,
You return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
You accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
You reconcile all beings in the world.

- Lao Tzu"
Gee. I have finally, officially joined the ranks of the iPodded. MyPod. Rocks, both literally and figuratively. Although leaving it plugged into the wall in the dock overnight failed to charge the battery?

There is a much larger ROTC drill competition that is being held over Mardi Gras weekend at Tulane. That's New Orleans, for those of you who don't know your American geography. We're pretty desperate for funds at this point, so we have to choose between starting an escort service and selling votive candles to family and friends. I'm trying to figure out how much makeup I can get away with...

Go go gadget finals! Some easy essays, a fuck-ton of Bio, and a calc test I am worryingly unprepared for, and I'll be through with this semester. It's been fun, kiddos.