Emo Proxy

Lots of meditation today on the end of the industrial world. Partly because I decided to watch all of Ergo Proxy again, since episode 15 was finally released with subtitles. Lots of reading about energy sources and environmental devistation, brought on by my roommate and his friend's disdain for the "theory" of global warming. And I get to the end of episode 15 and discover that the reason the world is depicted as a frozen wasteland where only domed cities can sustain life is that humans tried to tap and ended up releasing all the stored methane hydrates.

Pay attention to the people making noise about our current energy crisis and in particular the looming natural gas shortage, and you'll quickly discover that methane hydrates are supposed to save civilisation. If they're used properly. If they're not, and all that methan escapes, it'll be a hundred times worse than if we burned all the coal on earth straight into the sky.

It doesn't help that today was the greyest of days in Pittsburgh. Though I don't know that the bluest of days would have made much of a difference.