Hm. According to Mike Wallace, and a whole lot of other people, North Korea is the dictatorial shithole of the world. It's like this Jong-Il dude read 1984 and thought, "Hey, now that's the way to run a society!" Big Brother controls all media, and to a degree all thought, as well as the total resources of the state. 60%, three of every five human beings in N. Korea will die of malnutrition or starvation as children.

Here's my Solution for the Good and Glory of Mankind: The U.S. military ranges through Iraq and completely destroys all armored opposition within two months. Once Saddam is out, we can put in peacekeeping and nation-building forces, then take that massive body of trained and experienced troops, pilots, and sailors, and aim it squarely at N. Korea. Give their government the same ultimatum; "Disarm or get stomped." No dictator can survive if they lose face, so once Jong-Il is gone, reunite the peninsula and save twenty million lives.

Sure, then we can build a new Palestine and make wirled peas. Tasty.

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