O thoughtless thoughts, leave my weary mind and torture some other plodding soul...

Yesterday the Battle for the American Dream was joined by millions of people in dozens of major cities all over the world. Protesting against the impending war, the great, not-so-silent majority lent their much-needed weight to the anti-war movement here at home. AND there was a story in the paper about how top GOP leaders are starting to get fed up with the Bush White House's lack of leadership. But wasn't leadership the only real thing this (to borrow the words of Thompson) goofy child-President had going for him? His influence beyond the cabal of politicos that surround him 1,440 minutes a day seems to be on the wane, his plan for Iraq and the rest of the middle east is unraveling, and more and more people every day are finding the moral courage to move beyond their unthinking patriotic reverence.

On a happier note, a nice fat snowstorm waddled up to the northeastern U.S.A. and is currently squeezing out between one and two feet of magical white powder, turning highways into hilarious Slip-N-Slides™ full of terrified SUV owners. They know in their black hearts that these are precisely the kind of conditions that their vaunted 4-wheel Traction Lock ABS computer-enhanced handling packages are for, yet they cower in naked fear behind their leather-trimmed steering wheels. A few young Jeeps passed me up on the way home from work, but they were the daring exceptions. Perhaps, just perhaps I will finally get to go sledding, which has not happened in a period of time just slightly less than forever. "Snow snow snow, we love snow, fun fun fun, snow snow snow..."

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