Watching The West Wing always depresses me, because it reminds me of everything our current administration is not: principled, intelligent, accountable, responsible, and most of all, legitimate.

To combat these feelings of rage and horror, a shuffle on the CD player between Flogging Molly, Toad The Wet Sprocket, The Amazing Crowns, Moby, and jazz does the trick. And also a quote from President Bartlett, probably mangled a bit, but pay attention all you young revolutionaries: "Never doubt that a group of intelligent, caring people can change the world." Actually, I'm sure that I've mangled it beyond hope of recognition, but the idea gets across. Of course, I can't check in with the West Wing chatroom on the MSN web site, because if you don't use Windoze you're obviously not smart or important enough to participate. Argh, Microsoft, you just made me angry.

Well, on a happier note I've decided to regale my speech class with a ten minute presentation on how to make a proper cappucino, and why filthy Starbuck's should not be held as the gold standard in coffee-based concoctions. Stop drinking it like swine at a rusty trough, people! Wow, I must have a lot of rage tonight, or something. Better go blow shit up in Starcraft. Ah, trusty, reliable Starcraft...

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