Impromptu concert last night with Tak, went to see CKY, which we had convinced our coworker Mr. Gears stands for Country Killin' Yuppies. Tak's only known about them since last October, and I had never heard them before except when she had them playing in her car. But they put on a fine show, got the crowd absolutely ramped up, and granted Tak two signatures and a smoochy-picture after the show.

We staked out a spot in a corner of the bar overlooking the stage well in advance. Despite being several years older than myself (In the words of Ghengis Khan, I AM TWENTY-ONE) Tak let fly with the Rocking Out, denting an air duct behind her and garnering the attention of the CKY bass player, who later (to her considerable delight) said, "Hey, you're the girl from the corner!" I myself am not naturally predisposed to Rocking Out, perhaps because the only natural rythm I have is on a laptop keyboard, perhaps because I was actually born in the late 1700's and feel far more comfortable sitting down for a good dose of live music. But there is something to be said for live Rock with a capital R, even if the most amusing act at the concert is your best friend.

There was an estimate in the newspaper that this Desert Storm II could concievably cost as much as $1,000 from every family in America. Ours is a family of four, so about $250 from my own pocket to rid the world of one sick bastard and build democracy in what was once the center of the civilized world. Since I'll shortly be a member of our Armed Services, I'd have to say that Yes, That's Worth My Money.

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