Soooo... last night Aisling was hangin' on the couch, watching the evening news, and I was in the kitchen fixing up some ice cream. Then I hear this dismayed, depressed sort of "ohmygod!" from the living room. Turns out, they were interviewing the guy who claims to have come up with the whole idea of "Shock and Awe," a non-military term that's already on my all time list of Most Annoying Meaningless Contrivances. He was describing the bombing, mentioning that there are plenty of targets left in the country, and he said that the rest of the campaign "...should be a lot of fun."

AAahhhhaaahhhAAhhhaHAHaaa. It's impossible to formulate a rational response to something like that. The mind reels back in horror. But the worst part is that I've made a similar slip before, in talking about North Korea's puny navy. The worst part is not so much that this jackass said what he did, but that anyone, if they're not careful, can make the same mistake. This is what we must guard against.

And poor Dan Rather seems to be taking all this a bit rough. It won't be his generation that has to fix all the problems Dubya and the Crown Loyalists are busy causing, but maybe that's why he's sad.

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