A non-war topic, here's what I have prepared for a debate in Speech class:

"In such a debate as this, which has recieved no shortage of national and international attention because of the questions it raises about the nature of life as we know it, all sides must be examined with equal scrutiny and fairness. The practice of cloning, in its various forms and applications, has been possible only since the structure of DNA and its relation to the development of life was discovered. And now, in the short span of (?) years, we have come upon the possibility of creating life whenever and however we choose, and in new and un-dreamt of forms. The possible uses of emerging genetic technology are limited only by the imagination of the men and women who are working to refine it. Some of these scenarios we are familiar with from the realms of science fiction: armies and societies of one or a few persons replicated a thousand times, genetically modified "super humans," the stratification of society based on genetic heritage. Others, such as making our entire species resistant to disease and free of physical and mental deformities, can be considered real possibilities and would inarguably benefit mankind (whether or not it would benefit the planet is another matter entirely).

Thus the need for extreme caution should be plainly evident when dealing with such technologies. The current research can be divided into two categories; Reproductive Cloning, which would produce a theorhetically exact duplicate of an entire human being, and Theraputic Cloning, which involves replicating and growing only specific kinds of cells to be used in medical applications.

The technology for Reproductive Cloning, unfortunately popularized by the recent Clonaid and "Raelian" incidents, quite simply does not exist yet. Current methods for producing complete clones is imprecise and dangerous, and almost invariably results in unacceptable damage to the clones themselves. Every(?) nation on earth has passed legislation forbidding Reproductive Cloning, and it would therefore be fruitless to debate it's applications.

Theraputic Cloning, however, has the potential to produce extraordinary advances in medical science which would revolutionize our concepts of disease and debilitation..."

That's all I have so far. Where there are question marks, I need solid fact, but I think it's an otherwise good start, no? I really just wanted to post something that did not reference Bombs or Idiots. Success!

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