Some dick who owns a restaraunt near the city of Pittsburgh, aside from crossing the word French off his menus, has also decided to take the word "Turkey" out of the turkey club sandwich. He might be angry with the nation of Turkey for refusing to be America's bitch in Gulf War II, but for Fuck's sake, they didn't name the sandwich after a country, they named it after the God Damned Bird that the sandwich is made out of.

Sweet Jeebus. "Freedom Fries." What a dumbass idea. Every restaraunt I go to from now on I plan to quite pointedly order the French Fries at, because there's no intelligent reason to call them anything else (although it is quite amusing that the French embassy pointed out that these fabled potato sticks were actually invented in Belgium. So we should be calling them Belgian Fries anyway, but enough of that sickness).

So, from my heart to France, a quick missive: I don't agree with your position, but no one deserves the treatment you're getting from Americans. It's stupid and indecent, and on behalf of the minority of intelligent humans that still live in the U.S.A., I apologize.

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