Two things in the newspaper today merit attention. The first is the headline on the front page of Anytown's local daily, paraphrased slightly: "Iraq submits demands to U.N." This is brinksmanship at it's finest, two maniacs staring each other down, both afraid to lose face by admitting fault and both willing to bet the future of their careers and their countries that the other man will blink first. Another history major who works on the Submarine told me that he really doesn't think Bush is doing that much harm to America. His attitude, while disturbingly simplistic, is also rather more prevalent than I want to believe. How otherwise intelligent people can become so willfully blind to the sick reality of this Administration is beyond my understanding.

The other was a letter, republished as a commentary, from this gent John Brady Kiesling (it's all over the web, but this site loads the fastest.). Seems that, as a professional diplomat, he was no longer able to work for the United States because of our antagonistic policies. This is a letter of resignation, given to Colin Powell, and it's absolutely fabulous. Our own diplomats are resigning in protest! We should need no clearer proof of the flawed nature of Shrub's "diplomacy."

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