I don't want to walk into work and have to listen to everyone talk about war war war war. I realize that it's kind of ironic, working on a decomissioned warship, but if I wanted to hold a debate I would, well, hold a debate. It's impossible for other people to remain calm when discussing such an issue, which baffles me, and it means that every chat about bombing this or that turns into a frustrating near-shouting match.

Last month (I relize that this puts me behind the curve, but I'm not an official Celebrity Stalker) Ms. Garofalo made yet another appearance on FOX News, and this time around, if the transcript is any indication, she did much better (aside from the whole conspiracy bit. Of course there are conspiracies in the government, but unless you can prove it you just make yourself look like an arse). Unfortunately, my close personal friends at Spinsanity (right) have called into question certain of her quoted facts and figures.

I can hardly wait until this "Liberal Talk Radio" thing gets off the ground. They're going to have to work hard to keep from being just a smarmy peice of mean-spirited mockery, though. My grand hope is that instead of just providing leftist grist for the cluster fuck that passes for public debate these days, they actually manage to raise the level of conversation from kindergarten to at least grade-school.

Today, I got to use the word Bedlam. It's one of my faves.

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