This is not to say that I am currently Famous, or even a Historian per se, even though that's what it says on my tax return. This title is an excersize in irony and wishful thinking, for I am something of a historian In Training, an eager squire fetching and stepping at the coattails of the thousands who have come before me. Keep you Eyes on the Prize, and to that end dedicate at least one bit of computation every cycle to attaining that Prize. Perhaps none of this makes any sense to anyone else, but that's okay. I can live with being slightly nonsensical at times because I spend so much of my effort in life trying to clarify everyone else's bull thwap. Being a Historian means understanding the mistakes that have been made in the past, and knowing also how to apply those lessons in the present. I think that's something we could all use a little practice with.

We were all a little disappointed that Mr. Colbert got another shot at hosing - sorry, hosting - the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Presumably dear old Jon was either too ill to attend, or needed some time to work on this apocryphal NBC project. I forget where I heard it the first time, but I really hope that if he does decide to go "legit" that the sense of mockery that comes with being the goofy step-cousin of the News Business doesn't get squashed by Corporate needs.

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