Tak and I went to see The Chieftans this evening, which demonstrates admirably our fundamental coolness, that we can go from CKY Rock to traditional Celtic in four days and have a grand time at both. Seriously, these guys have been playing together for something like six centuries, and I can't believe that there's anyone better. With my claudagh and the green vest me granddad left me I was running at 100% Irish, but there were plenty of classless people who went over the top with ties that had Ireland printed all over them and polos with bright green collars and some random crest on the front. And there was one man, who deserves to have the Hand of God descend from up high and administer a Holy Wedgie, that wore shorts. God Damn shorts to a concert hall. The more refined citizenry of Anytown complain that there is little to no real culture in our city. I say it's because of Jackasses who wear fucking shorts to formal occasions.

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