Holy Marconi. Radio historians will recognize the irony of that little exclamation, for I am currently sitting in a corner cafe sipping tea and surfing, thanks to Pallas' built-in AirPort Extreme card. I realize that the Revolution has already occured, and that access like this won't be free for much longer, but it's still a real fun experience the first time around.

Also, the stories about 10.2.4 have been exaggerated. This battery will outlast my patience for coffee houses, even if it falls somewhat short of the advertised 4.5 hours of life. This kind of pure freedom of movement is quite intoxicating.

Tak asked me if not caring about this Damn War makes her a bad person. My answer was yes, because any time a certifiable Jackass acts giddy about sacrificing American lives for a war that no one but the Crown Loyalists want we should be upset. To give in to hopelessness is to take the easy way out, and we owe it to our future selves to give a damn about the here and now.

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