March has just been an awesome month for music. Tak, her friend Bubba, and myself went to a Flogging Molly/Mighty Mighty Bosstones event last evening. Sold out, jam packed, and boy did it ever rock. I mean, floor to cieling, head to toes, front to back ass-kickin' rock. The fiddler for Molly was out sick, but I think they managed to compensate pretty well, and I'd been waiting all week to hear "Salty Dog," which was a perfect finale. This lost-looking 13 year-old tried to hook up with Bubba, who's at least twice that age. In fact, there were a lot of kids there. One of them put their gum in Tak's water, which upset everyone, but there was plenty of goofy mock-step dancing to offset any bad vibes. A Good Time.

Go here for what I am told is fun. I want a Dancing Jesus, myself. Oh, damn, that URL is already taken.

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