Ah, sweet mystery of life. One of the reasons that I love the internet, which BTW apparently turned 20 this 01/01/2003, is that normally intangible things like opinions can be made to alter the fabric of reality itself. Some kids, working on a school project, got the idea for this MAVAV thing and pasted it up on the 'net, and the next thing you know you've discovered something you never knew about yourself and are making connections between what is real and what is merely fantasy.

None of that made any sense. I'll start again.

One Mr. S. Kurtz, of the Mac-bashing yet entertaining PVP comic strip agrees with these aforementioned kids. He explains himself, and his arguments make sense. Before today I agreed completely with Tycho's viewpoint, and while I still don't think videogames are quite as dangerous as driver's licenses, thanks to Mr. Kurtz I have modified my stance somewhat. What is most important to realize here is that the magic of instant communication between two people I don't even know has changed the way that I think about games, and we could break it down even further and say that the real magic is that it affected me at all. It's like having ten million friends over for dinner.

While we're being metaphysical, are you aware that every time you type a letter on the keyboard, you're creating something? You could write a work of genius that would touch the lives of children for generations to come, or you could write a false report that sends a good man in power to his doom. All it takes is a minute amount of pressure in the right place, and the courage to do it in a way that matters. What a terrible, amazing gift.

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