Thanks to Tak I've been listening to Radiohead's Kid A for the past few days.

It haunts me. There is something strangely compelling about the music, as though my mind is being forced to let it into my consciousness. I put it on the boombox at work as listening music, without knowing anything about it. After a couple of times through, I remarked to Tak that it would be really cool, if I were a film maker, to use Kid A as the soundtrack to a movie, and to base the story and characters around what's happening in the music instead of the other way around. It would have to be a very dark, strange movie, but only when I got home did I learn that the last track on the disc is called "Motion Picture Soundtrack." Coincidence? I think not.

Please, God, if you're really out there watching all this, Please let He-Who-Was-Not-Elected's popularity continue to drop, as the greater populace begins to see through his Big Lies at last.

I had a dream that I was in a book store and the new Harry Potter was sitting on a table. It was an expensive buy, because the thing was almost two feet thick, and it stood on a lighted pedastle in the middle of the store. Now I learn that Rowling scrawled over 250,000 words into this next volume, and it seems almost prophetic. June's a ways away, but I'm still excited.

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