ABC is just a tad bit too proud of their impending Super Bowl coverage for my taste. I know it's a huge sporting event for billions of people, guys, but the following 24 hours will be chock-full of clever advertisments and endless pre-pre-pre-pre-game specials. Couldn't we just set aside a measly half-hour for real news? We don't need ten minutes of special reporting on Kicker's balls.

Donnie Darko is coming to a theater near us (did I spell that right? Damn, I'm lazy), and this time Tak and I will actually attend. BetterG, another coworker, will also be joining us. When the silent epic Metropolis swept through the dirty art theaters that Anytown cradles, we dillied and we dallied and we missed our chance. Nevermore, I promise you.

"Those evil natured robots / They're programmed to destroy us / She's gotta be strong to fight them / So she's taking lots of vitamins / Cause she knows that it'd be tragic / If those evil robots win / I know she can beat them..." The Flaming Lips, lads and ladies. I know absolutely nothing about them except the lyrics to this album are fascinating, and the music is pleasantly light and distracting. The lead singer has a classic 60's folk voice in the vein of Arlo Guthri, and I get the distinct feeling that this kind of music would cause physical pain to anyone who listens to Rob Zombie for a living. That makes me happy.

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