Well, outright disaster has been averted. The new managment just might be able to do something about our despicably meager pay rate, and procure grants for boat-related "projects," although a fuck-ton of extra responsibility just got dropped on Tak's small but mighty shoulders.

I broke down and ordered one of those newfangled 17" PowerBooks. Good God the thing is gorgeous, the same way a battleship is gorgeous. She's a huge beast, but her lines are a thing of beauty, and you don't fuck with that kind of firepower. So in the meantime, I've reformatted Miz, my old Key Lime iBook, and handed her over to Aisling. For the time until I get my 17" (I haven't firmed up on a name yet. I was going to name the 15.2" model Ruri, but somehow a child's name just doesn't sound right on something so, well, vast.) I'm using Aisling's old Tangerine iBook, a display model we bought from Sears for $400. It's one of the original models, so it's slow, and being a former display it's been abused in all sorts of horrid ways by people who think it's cool to rename the hard drive XXXEDKIELOZDMDFFDSFDAS. The LCD's backlite is kind of weak, so it could be described as a "dim bulb." Last night when I went to copy MP3s from a backup CD I'd burned, the drive starting making noises like an F-14D's afterburners, and it freaked out. I tried putting it to sleep at the end of the evening by closing the clamshell, but it kept waking itself up then going right back to sleep. "I'm up! Oh, the lid's closed. Goodnight. Wait, I'm up! Oh, the lid's closed. Goodnight. Wait, I'm up!"

"It's not stupid. It's advanced." I named it Gir.

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