Catch Me If You Can. A chase movie without a chase, or any emotional urgency at all. The acting is fine, the sets and devices perfect, the story well told. The movie itself is technically excellent, but it failed to strike a chord in my hardened charcoal gray heart. Aisling insists that I expect too much from movies these days, and maybe she's right. We were treated to dinner and a movie by my cousin-twins Blaze and Aurora (no, those aren't their real names either) as our Christmas present. They're sweethearts.

Upper Managment, now that they're actually paying attention to our little Submarine, already dislikes our un-likeable remora employee Blob, a man whose sole redeeming quality is that he likes cats. He's been a barnacle on our hull for more than a decade, and it's taken something rather extraordinary to get to this point, but it's entirely possible that we won't have to put up with him for that much longer. Hoo fricking ray.

Wanda Sykes is funny and smart. You can tell from her language that she was brought up in Da Hood, but there's a first-rate brain up there and I enjoyed her Comedy Central thingie immensely.

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