Yes, well, I'm a little unsure of my spelling in the case of Arlow Guthrie, so I suppose I can forgive the occasional lapse. Wait, let me underline that. Occasional.

The "President's" message didn't change one iota, but his delivery was terrible. Where's the masterful speaker we've supposedly had these two years past? The bestest, bestest part of the State of the Union Address was by far the crowd. The Opposition, by and large, refused to stand in ovation every time Bush's teleprompter said ::PAUSE FOR APPLAUSE:: And was Ted Kennedy sleeping? Hillary and Joey L. sat together, which I thought was a powerful statement on who's really leading the Democratic party. Most everyone in my Constitutional Law class thinks that Hillary will be the first female president in the U.S. Who agrees? And who thinks she should just wait it out until 2008?

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