Donuts! The Shopping Emporium is out of precious, life-giving chocolate fat rings, and I fear that without their succulent calories I shall waste away to nothing. Tak and I went to a newly installed organic food store the other night, where we recieved a sermon about quality assurance from the man at the iced fish counter. For a place with mostly vegetarian goods, they sure carry a lot of flavored meat tubes.

Inebriation IS fun, but only when you have something better to do :-) I, thanks to the medications I am taking to rid my filthy organs of disease, cannot drink one drop. If this condition persists into St. Patty's Day, on the first year I'm legally old enough to drink, I'll be the saddest Irishman within miles. Except for such occasions, however, drinking to excess is a Bad, Bad Thing, kids. Don't try it at home, or at least without supervision.

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