Yay. Donnie Darko (I did spell it right) was better in the theater, or maybe just because it was the second time around. Of course, I noticed some things I hadn't before, like the fact that Drew Barrymore has no function in the movie at all except that she executive produced it. Mary McDonnell's expressions of incredulity were priceless. BetterG wants to go rent it and watch it over and over again until he understands what the hell is going on. For myself, I feel that my mind is building towards some cathartic revelation that will make everything clear in the near future.

Oh, and it made me gassy, but that probably wasn't the movie's fault. The Smelly Art theater was actually kind of neat, although Tak said it made her feel claustrophobic. So she works five days a week in a fscking submarine, then complains about a half-filled movie house. Sometimes I just don't get it.

Tak also turned me on to Clone High, perhaps the most ingenious animated TV show I've seen in a while. Briefly: Secret Government Agency X digs up a bunch of famous world leaders in the 80's and clones them, bringing Joan of Arc, Abraham Lincoln, Ghandi, JFK, and a bunch of other personages into the year 2003 as pimply high school teenagers. In the episode I saw, Abe runs against JFK for the student body presidency. He's telling Joan of Arc, "I don't know why, I just have this terrible anxiety about being the president," as they sit in a cafeteria beneath a graphic depiction of Booth blowing Lincoln's brains out of his forehead. I'll use the word again, because I like it and it's a good word. Ingenious.

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