Ya know, I hear those Deutchlanders like the Drink too. If there's one thing Germany's famous for, it's Bratwurst. But if there's a second thing they're famous for, it's Beer. (I'm speaking in purely culinary terms, of course. Atop the all-time list is Liederhosen.)

Today in Anytown it was, as with the rest of America, frickin' freezing. My favorite sight is those guys who think they're too tough for the wind chill factor of -20, and therefore walk around in t-shirt and windbreaker. I know one dude who's been wearing shorts this whole week, but he never leaves the University College campus, which is entirely enclosed.

I can't not listen to Kid A. It's a journey in sound and mind. Tonight I'm heading to The Smirking Chimp.com for fun (No, I'm not down with the night life in Anytown). I know it seems like taking cheap shots for the sake of comedy, but is there anything in modern politics more entertaining than the utter transparency of our "President"'s thought processes? He goes through two distinct phases when asked an unscripted question:
1. Grope about for an extemporanious answer while stalling for time. This usually results in gaffes galore.

2. Pull out a good one or two-liner from the Memory Bank as scripted by Andrew Card. The "bad movie" comment was hilarious. "Everyone laughed when Rummy said it in the War Room."

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