You know those days when Chaos seems to take over and nothing goes quite like you planned? In an effort to fix up some nasty wiring, our Fearless Leader has cut power to one half of the ship. It's kinda fun, actually, walking through an unlit submarine. Spooky! It's a good thing I know the layout of every deck like I know a keyboard.

Searching for food-related props to use as display items in our mess deck, I came across a web site that sells nothing but fake plastic fruit. Somewhere, in some fading industrial district in some dirty old city, there's a warehouse full of #300 artificial blueberries, Bartlet Pears, and Zuchinni. More landfill. Damn, but that's depressing. How many fake plastic fruit factories do we really need, people, huh? As a society, I mean. I just feel that we should somehow be able to soldier on into the future without being weighed down by acryllic waffles.

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