Aisling is back home for the holidaze, all's right with the world. I guess there's really not a whole lot more to say. My friend Wonko The Sane is, perhaps even as I speak, preparing a massive essay on modern morality and the source of our human consciousness as a response to my inquiry about strip clubs. I'm starting to think that I'm mainly dismayed about them the same way I am dismayed with boxing. It is, as the great Hunter S. Thompson would say, a purely atavistic endeavor, and as such represents the triumph of our most basic animal instincts over the "higher" reasoning that we sometimes engage in. At those moments, there is truly nothing to separate us from the beasties we believe ourselves to be superior to. It's an act, if you will, of willful de-evolution, and in my opinion we've already backslid dangerously towards our wilder side. To deny it exists would be foolish, for it is true that we are merely a more active species of great ape, and every once in a while you have to toss a raw steak into the cage to keep that beast happy. But there are those of us who let the beast run free, and those who keep a firm hand on the lock. I get nervous when anyone talks about buying the thing a leash.

Gee, maybe I had more to say after all.

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