I will watch "Tough Crowd" tonight because Janeane Garafalo is in it, and for some reason, she's one of the few "celebrities" that I actually find interesting. It's a good thing, right, to be attracted to a brain instead of a body? Yes, I thought so.

This guy from Belgium just wrote me to ask if I was still planning on finishing The Novel, because he's really enjoyed it. Allow me to provide a skoch of background: The Novel, posted title "Somewhere In-Between," is an El-Hazard based fanfiction that I've been working on since, hold on, since March 30th, 2001. It was to be, as I planned it, a 180,000-word Epic the likes of which the nerd repository of Fanfiction.net had never seen, except in the dark corners of the Dragonball Z section (which, at last count, made up about 98.9% of the total works on the entire site. It's hideous.). It was originally available only on my Self Monument website, the El Hazard Netwerk, and only about a dozen people have read it that I've heard of, and eleven of them are from the El Hazard Fanclub Mailing List. I was going through an extended infatuation with all things El Hazard at the time I started this monstrosity, and it's been harder and harder to continue it recently.

So this email was completely unexpected. It was kinda sweet, too, although it's somewhat discouraging to any prospective author to learn that, for the entirety of it's existence, your work has been viewed by approximately twelve people, one of whom lives in frickin' Belgium. It does, however, illustrate the potential of the internet for removing the traditional barriers of national prejudice for free communication between all the peoples of the world. Or something noble like that.

Anyways, the newspaper says that Jon Stewart will be getting his own NBC sitcom, starring Steven Colbert. I don't know if I'm happy, or just cautiously optimistic.

You know who would be great to take over The Daily Show? Janeane Garafalo. Yeah.

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