"My gallant crew, good morning"
"Sir, good morning."

A debate arose today about the nature of "empowerment." Either it's come to mean something other than it's Webster's definition, or I just don't understand it correctly. Two of the women at my place of work made the claim that Strip Tease joints are a form of empowerment for women. The word itself means, "To give power or authority to; enable; permit: as, science empowers men to control natural forces." My question is, What power are women seeking that they can gain only by performing as the objects of men's sexual desires? The power to turn men into drooling zombies? You can do that just as easily with a bucket of chicken.

"I hope you're all quite well.
"Quite well, and you, sir?"

The power to control your own life? There is a great deal of money to be made as a stripper, certainly more than working the grill at McMeaty's. But dancing takes place on a far more personal level than ordering a hamburger does, and yet is just as devoid of personal meaning. You could replace the brain of a dancer with a computer programmed to rub and gyrate at random intervals and fulfill the same desires in the man. Guys don't go to strip clubs because they actually care about the strippers, they just want to get their rocks off.

"I am in reasonable health and very happy to see you all."
"You do us proud, sir."

It just seems to me that people do it for all the wrong reasons. Maybe the odd "empowered" individual is simply busy "celebrating their sexuality," and that's perfectly natural and healthy behaviour. But all I see in those places is the face of the guy who washes down the peep booths after a dozen half-drunk slobs have jacked off in them. Ask him if there's any nobility in his profession.

We also debate international politics at work, but that's been done in this space already. Besides, I've never really codified my personal feelings on the Sex Industry, and I'm still seeking input.

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