I will only do this once, for a dark rage burns in the recesses of my being.

I HATE CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN PUDITS. I hate George Will's blind slavery to his twisted riteousness. I hate Bob Novak's grimmacing margarine-coated superiority. I hate Rush Limbaugh's blubbering, mouth-frothing cross-eyed incandescently idiotic excuse for rhetoric.

Thankfully, there are things that I love, too. I love the sound a human makes when you've just finished explaining a complex idea to them, and somehow you hit on that magical fact that cascades the sweet light of understanding upon a corner of the universe that to them had been dark and mysterious, and they say "Aaaahhhhh... I get it" and gaze in wonder at the problem they have just been taught to solve. It is the sound of a brain being switched on and humming with real activity. It is so rare that I nearly weep when I chance to hear it.

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