Tunnels affect people in odd ways. I'm talking about the tunnels that you have to drive through, Hampton Roads and all those. The tunnels around my home city aren't particularly long, but 98% of the people who drive through them slow down by 10 MPH despite a complete lack of impediments. There is nothing, nothing that would warrant a drop in speed, yet it always always happens. If the roads were empty but for yourself and two people immidiately ahead of you, one in each lane and driving side by side, you would be forced to slow down because people don't like driving the speed limit through tunnels, regardless of whether they're in the passing (left) lane or the cruising (right) lane. If there were any appreciable danger inherent in driving through tunnels, I feel certain that some government agency would post signs to that effect. But lo, there are signs in place already, instructing drivers to maintain their current speed through the tunnels. That they don't is a good measure of the individual idiocy of most people who have a license to drive.

This gentleman is hilarious.

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