Okay, that worked. Let it be known to all that Aisling is indeed my dear younger sis, which makes me her elder bro, I guess. Separated by one million miles in space yet joined by 99.99% of our genetic code, as siblings go, we are closer than most.

So don't be too disappointed, sis, when I inform everyone that Tak dragged me, kicking and screaming and biting and punching, to the limited showing of Jackass Live. We spent the requisite amount of time mocking everyone else who was there, the pale youth who mope about mumbling "I'm disaffected" while inhaling cancer and reading Inferno to prove that they're really literati at heart. Although any criticism on our part was blunted by the fact that we each paid cash money to watch a guy named Steve-O light his head on fire. After the destruction of my brain cells was complete, Tak managed to get an autograph and mug shot with a few of the fellows who were also in the movie, who complained loudly about all the pretty girls they had to kiss. I suppose the only real reason that I went is that I'm a Big Sucker, and Tak's one of the few people in this city that I would even consider, much less be happy to call, my friend. If I was a super hero, I'd be Sucker Man.

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