If an epiphany occurred the other day to bring some great slice of tender knowledge to me, then it's corrolary poked it's head in late last night.

The Crown Loyalist platform may be popular now, due to it's aforementioned simplicity, but it is ultimately self-defeating, because it relies on people to _never_ discover it's true purposes. People may on the whole be oblivious to the truth of the world around them, but the most expensive perfume can only make a rat smell lovely on a temporary basis. At it's core, it smells, and all the rat has to do to lose his cloak of pleasant aroma is step in one too many puddles.

On a totally unrelated note, the computer lab that I set up for school is steadily falling apart under it's new managment. They gave me independent study credit for giving birth to the poor kid, but the foster parents of the school's Information Technology department are turning it into a brat. I loathe the loss of control over it's fate, I guess because the originator always feels that his work will always be superior to that of whoever comes after him.

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