"Throw away your television..."

Poor Tak. She and her hubby have this gorgeous new house that's three stories + basement + two car garage. It's massive, and the interior is pretty much the same as my Mustang's was when I bought her, all torn up. It will take weeks of solid work to get the bedroom, bath, and living space cleaned up and organized. I repeat, it's _massive_. I will never understand why some people want such tremendous spaces for themselves when the only family they have to share it with is a pair of cats.

But I shouldn't bash someone else's dream. My own ultimate home would be some kind of small decomissioned warship that's been sitting in ordinary for years and years. Although, the Mustang has been quite a job to work on, and she's still got a long way to go... I guess I'm just some sort of pathetic romantic when it comes to fixing up rusted old junk.

To each, his own. Yeah.

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