Does anyone doubt that our world is unmaking itself? In the Neilsons last week, ABC's travesty "The Bachelor" came in at #3 on the list, while the critically acclaimed, beloved-by-all-who-think-and-watch-TV "West Wing" got in at #15. The previous week was a slightly better story, with each show coming in at #11 and #12, respectively.

I celebrate Thanksgiving as a holiday of mourning as well as gratitude. We obtained our bounty through coersion, theft, and outright genocide, and while there's not a day that goes by I'm not thankful for growing up in America, we should take time today to fess up to how this country truly came to be. I mourn for the First Americans who lost their lives and their homes to our own mindless expansionism. I hope that someday I'm in a position to truly make a difference for these people that we've forced into poverty, and if that time comes, then I will be thankful.

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