Setting: John Miller. ABC's "20/20". Barbra Walters answering e-mail in front of an iMac.

This scene made me happy. No, a better word would be jubilant. There it was, shiny metal arm suspending a display of pure marble white with an Apple stamped on it's backside. Barbra goes on to introduce some report she's coming up with for next weeks installment, something rediculous about how silly people are about being oblivious to warning lables. Oh, wait, it was Toxic Mold, I remember now. Sometimes, house mold gets ugly, then it gets toxic, and then it kills anyone who doesn't use disinfectant on their kitchen floors.

John Miller responds with a perfectly wooden, inflection-free, "Wow. That certainly got my attention."

Sometimes, this kind of banal stupidity is just painful to witness. It's like watching someone stick their ankle into their mouth and choke.

On a happier note, it snowed today. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

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