"Dear Samurai,

I am the manager of bill and exchange at the foreign remittance
of our bank.Before i wrote you,i prayed to god to reveal to me an
honest and
reliable person whom i can work with to achieve this deal of my life.i
believe it is you."

The poor punctuation and capitalization, not to mention the fact that my real first name, obviously, is not Samurai, indicate that this message was written by a very stupid person who hoped another very stupid person would read it. I'd like to find the person responsible someday, so I can slap him upside his (or, I guess, her) thick skull. Perhaps that's a tad bit too much to ask of the universe at this point, though.

In an act of unapologetic consumption, I drove to the mall yesterday and bought "By The Way," the latest from a certain breed of Peppers. There's not much out-and-out Rock, which means that they've probably matured as a band or whatever, but there's enough there that I really dig. "Dosed" I think is the strongest song on the CD that I've found so far, but I have to listen to these things for weeks before I really get a feel for all the songs on their own.

So tired... ugh.

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