So I fall for a Dutch auction on eBay that's selling a trio of TiBooks, the 800 mhz model (this is before the new 1 ghz models were released). It's also a pre-sale, which means it could take anywhere up to 30 days for the thing to actually ship once you've won the auction. I got mine for roughly $2,500, which is not a bad deal at all. So, 30 days pass, and the seller is either unable or unwilling to tell me when my laptop will actually ship. 37 days pass, still no sign, and still no cooperation from the seller, despite the fact that I left a "good faith" Positive in his feedback profile (I've learned my lesson, thank you). So I ask for a refund.

It's now two weeks since then, 44 days since the moment I won the auction - which was paid in full immediately, BTW - and still no refund. I've half a mind to just cancel the payment, but then I won't be able to use that credit card to buy a new TiBook right off Apple's web site. Arg! sums it up. Reccommendations?

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