On ABC News this evening, they had a report on how acrimonious feelings towards others can contribute more to poor health than a penchant for donuts and milkshakes. (Aside: Peter Jennings should be made Ruler of the Known Universe. He is Benevolent and Wise and would bring an end to hate and suffering. End aside.) I was going to use this space to rant again about how stupid people are, but I guess I need to concentrate more on the good than the bad if I don't want a heart attack. One of the questions on a stress test they featured was, "Are you frequently disappointed in the behavior of others?" I'd say it's more like constantly.

If you're just not smart, then hey, I'm incredibly dense sometimes too. That's okay. It's the _willful_ ingorance that gets to me, because there's no reason for it other than the fact that almost everyone is too lazy to use or improve the contents of their minds in any fashion. Tell me I'm wrong. Please. I want to be wrong.

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