There are a few minor differences between college life and what I recall of high school life. For one thing, people don't mock your clothing or appearance openly in front of you any more. They do it when they think you've passed. There are few enough deviations from the uniform of Abercrombie, though, so this isn't so much of an issue. Also, there's more smoking and drinking. And the campus is bigger.

Shit, I think that's it.

Today in ROTC was our first day for wearing what we had aquired of our uniforms. I was told by my squad leader to wait until I had everything assembled, but several 4th Class middies tried to put theirs together anyway, with indifferent results. Some of them were passable, but some were, to use the favourite term of our troop handlers, Nasty. IMHO, if a thing's worth doing, it's worth doing right. I plan to use a ruler and plenty of starch to crease my shirt, and I've gotten several good tips on how to make a capital impression.

PT (Physical Training) early tomorrow morn, and the second PRT (Physical Readiness Test) next week. The component that everyone insists is the easiest, the sit-ups, are absolutely killing me. Why? Lack of muscle mass, basically, and fantastic pain in my back. Gotta quit the bitchin', though.

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