Wow, packing up to move into the U of A dorm/condos has unearthed a trove of treasures that I didn't realise I still had around. For instance, before I pack it away, this transcript of a dream I had:

In a building, taken to the basement with a friend. The men give us each a gun, we are terrified, and my friend refuses to use it. They beat him, and I fire into the wall twice to stop them, then begin walking. The halls are lit, and soon I come across a guard. I kill him, and take his uzi. I come around a corner, look down the hall, and a line of people are walking down it. A man in the back with a large beard looks at me in the eyes, and I send a hail of bullets upon everyone and they all fall horribly. I continue on, and come to a block of cubicles. There are people lined up between them, and they dive for cover as I fire again. Everyone is dead, but a few of them had guns too and fired back before they fell. But I can't be hit. When it's over I drop the uzi and exclaim "Oh God, why did I do this?" Edward Norton - a la Tyler Durden - stands up and tells me, "You killed them all because that way, you wouldn't have to know them, or let them know you." I embrace him, coated in blood, and cry, "Oh, thank you."

Yeah, file that one under creepy. Moving commences in, oh, let's say a good fourteen hours. Let's not push ourselves needlessly.

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