New habits die hard too. I call everyone in the unit Sir, reflexively, even if I'm under no obligation to. The poor Chief who's in charge of uniform disbursment has had to endure my fumblings on two occasions. For the next few days I shall practice awaking at 0600, so that the shock of reville at 0430 on Monday isn't so bad. I need to get a decent watch, though, so I can start timing myself on all these laps I'm running.

The former boss of the Submarine is finally gone. For good. His ignonimous fate is the same that is reserved for all those who slack off during work hours and expect to be paid for it. May the road rise up to bite you in the ass.

There is a new zombie movie currently being circulated in the smelly art theaters of Anytown. Tak and I have made it a top priority, and you should too. It promises to be very, well, horror.

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